Пепелосъбирачка ASH VACUUM CLEANER model: CLVC-12S

Нов модел. Отличен подарък преди отоплителния сезон!

Технически характеристики

Ideal for collecting the ashes of fireplaces, grill, barbecues etc.

Power: 1200 W

With thermal protector that protects the motor from overheating

Metal tank capacity: 20 l

Integral motor in the lid

Double filtering system that prevents ash and dust from escaping into the air

Cord length: 5 m

Tank’s interior material: fire resistant steel

Weight: 4.8 kg

Dimensions: 360 x 320 x 440 mm

Noise level: 76-78 dB(A)

Airflow: 1.6-1.7 m³/min

Vacuum pressure: 17-19 (KPa)

Unsuitable for hot ashes or burning materials

Includes: fireproof dust bag for the tank, filter for the motor, crevice tool, hose nozzle with metal (fire resistant thanks to its metal interior)